Tiara's Birds

Been ages and ages disappeared. Realized that the last post in this blog was created over than a year ago. Could not imagine how self-consumed I was with my things, not that i want, but that’s just me being perfectionist. Trying to make sure that everything goes perfect on my hand… that’s all about it. One more resolution has finally accomplished! Knowing that creating some


Just found these words in a magz, and I can’t stop read, recite, and smiling. Hope you are gonna be inspired too.. Kami tiada mau percaya hidup kami akhirnya akan biasa saja… tiada bedanya dengan ribuan orang sebelum dan kemudian setelah kami… –RA. Kartini Kata “Aku tiada dapat!” melenyapkan rasa berani. Kata “aku mau” membuat kita mudah mendaki puncak gunung… –RA. Kartini Tetapi apakah kecerdasan


To accelerate poverty reduction, the Government of Indonesia has been implementing a national-wide community-based empowerment program for poverty reduction, such as PNPM Rural, PNPM Urban, PNPM Rural Infrastructure (RIS-PNPM), PNPM PISEW and SPADA (Support for Poor and Disadvantages Area). Currently PNPM is in full-scale and already covers the entire kecamatan and almost 80% of villages across Indonesia. Managing such a massive program is complex that

My Life

When I was on the way with a friend to our office today, somehow I felt the sun shining very bright on my face. I was feeling so good at that time. I might having busy schedule lately. But Alhamdulillah I really enjoy every part of my life right now. There are times I find it’s hard to sleep at night, whenever my plans didn’t

Thank you for being understanding. Our life keeps on turning. What doesn’t kill us make us stronger.

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do..”

- Steve Jobs